Glass` dryer Tesoma / Lynx 3101/20 UV


Year: 2010 

Glass` size: 2000 x 4000 mm
Glass thickness: 3-19 mm
- Used belt dryer LYNX.
- The belt dryer is cleaned before delivery

and also checked technically.

- Glass dryer (type designation: LYNX-R-20-CCTKK-HS)
- Electrically heated
- Exhaust air extraction
Throughput width 2,000 mm
Consisting of:
- Inlet: 610 mm
Hot air-/IR segment 2,000 mm
Separating segment 1,000 mm
Cooling segment 2,000 mm
- Outlet 610 mm

The LYNX continuous dryer is designed for continuous drying and fixing of coatings on smooth surfaces. The preferred application is drying and fixing coatings on glass panes, when solvent-based or water-based screen printing inks or ceramizing inks are used.


company «PL-SERVICEPRO» 2016

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