Flat glass tempering furnace Tamglass / HTF ProE-2860


Production year: 2002

Modernization year: 2014

- This lowers the maximum current consumption of the blower at startup, as they no longer start in star triangle mode.
- Furthermore, the power consumption is significantly reduced, since the blowers use the required speed programmatically and do not always run at the maximum speed as in unregulated operation.
- Thus, the blower power at a very high preload such as 4 mm for crash glass or high preload for ESG-H is at 463 KW and not at the maximum specified 630 KW.
- For standard 4 mm glass, it is sufficient to keep a blow-off pressure of only 7300 Pascal. The hardening of 5 mm glass is possible with a blower.
- Further energy-saving measures.
- To avoid current peaks, the blowers turn on late. That means that not both blowers go up at a time.
- We have reprogrammed the heating mode on the system so that the heating from the hotstore operation is carried out with only 50% of the energy.
- This means that the system tests which rows are the coldest and activates the heaters here.
- After about 2 minutes, a new temperature check is performed and the then coldest 50% is activated, etc., etc.

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