Fully automatic vertical edge grinding machine for removal of metal coating at the edges

of Low-E glass Lisec / AKL-20V


Production year: 1989

Modernization year: 1997



- Automatic adjustment for different glass thickness. 

- Electronically controlled drives with suction pad movement

of glass sheet gives exact positioning. 

- Perfect metal coating removal by precise positioning of the glass sheets. 

- An automatic aligning wheel. 

- Integrated removal of the resulting abrasive dust. 

- Minimum dimensions by supporting vacuum suction cap possible. 

- Can be integrated into insulating glass line. 


Running direction: left to right

Consists of:

-  conveyor RTVN-15/20AE, (cy 1997); 

-  edge deletion equipment AKL-20V, cy 1989; 

-  conveyor RTVN-15/20AE, cy 1997.
Dimensions: 10200 x 3270 x 1700 mm


Working height: 520 +/- 20 mm
Glass thickness: 3-12 mm
Max. glass height: 2000 mm
- Max glass lenght: depends on connected vertical conveyors, in this case 5000 mm. 
Min. size: 230 x 180 mm
Installer power: 5,5 kW 

Voltage/cycles: 380V / 50Hz.

Air Connection: ∅ 9 mm

Feed-pressure: 7 bar.

Air consumption: 30 l/min.

Standard grinding width: 10 mm per side. 
Condition: complete, clean machine with documentation.

company «PL-SERVICEPRO» 2016

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