Laminated glass production line KeraGlass / KPB 170/300


Construction year: 2007

Construction country: Italy


Device: welded and bolted steel.

Insulation: panels of ceramology, ensuring highly effective


- The lining is supplemented with a layer of mineral wool.

Heating: infrared heating elements in the radiation pipe.

Temperature control: thermocouples connected to PLC

(programmable logic controller) in control panel.

Lamination chamber: one unit with one frame system.

Carriage for the frame: made of structural aluminum, covered with Teflon mesh,

mounted on rails.

Vacuum bag: made of highly resistant silicone rubber sheets.

Vacuum installation: generated by highly efficient vacuum pumps located outside the furnace and connected by a vacuum medium formed between the rubber sheets, which are isolated by a convenient clamp system.

Furnace doors: equipped with a quick-circuit system and a safe start-up device.

Installation dimensions: 3200 x 1900 mm

Usable area (including rubberized silicone sheets): 3000 x 1700 mm

- Possibility of laminating curved glass ( depend on available bags)

- The output of the chamber is possible after removing the tier covering the heating elements.

Max. deflection boom: 500 mm

Max. carriage loading: 300 g distributed over the entire surface.

The temperature determination in the furnace: thermocouples, connected to the PLC control panel.


company «PL-SERVICEPRO» 2016

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