Straight-line edger CMB / R9TS

Year: 2007

Max. miter: 3-20 mm

Glass thickness: 3-22 mm

Glass dimension: 200 x 200 мм

Weight: 3500 kg

30.000 meters


  • 3-20/0°-60°

  • 19kw

  • 0,4-4mt/1′

  • 7,7×1,5×2,5h/mt

- 2 diamond wheels for coarse and fine grinding of flat edge and miter 

- 2 polishing wheels of flat edge and miter 

- 1 cerium oxide wheel or felt wheel for the brilliant polishing of flat edge and miter

- 2 wheels for the front and rear arris grinding 

- 2 wheels for the arris polishing 

- All mitering spindles can be inclined from 0 to 50° , the inclination angle is directly controller from the electrical panel and visualized on digital display

- The height of the heel is adjusted by hand wheel situated at the machine inlet. 

- Arris wheels are mounted on two carriages that automatically adjust according to glass thickness; it is therefore not necessary to make any adjustment with the exception of keeping a 30 cm distance between glass sheets of different thickness. 

- All polishing wheels, for flat edge and arrises are equipped with automatic advancement directly controlled by a programmer. 

-All controls are visualized on the electrical panel. 
From the same panel it is also possible to read the following statistics: 

-number of pieces worked out 

-number of hours and meters worked out 


company «PL-SERVICEPRO» 2016

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